Foot Orthoses

We fabricate custom made foot orthotics. Foot orthotics are designed to support, control, reduce pressure or simply bring ground contact to a foot depending on the reason for which they have been prescribed. The foot structure and ailments determine which type of orthoses we will fabricate but just as important is the footwear it will be fitting into and the purpose for which it will be used. For example, orthoses designed for athletics will be different than orthoses designed for everyday use.

If custom made orthoses are not necessary we have a variety of off the shelf orthopaedic insoles that can be modified to suit your needs.

Footwear Modifications

Healthy, happy feet begin with a strong foundation. Proper footwear is where we need to begin and ensuring proper fit is just the beginning. It is also essential that footwear is the right type of shoe for the foot in question as well as the function for which they will be used. We sell and modify a variety of footwear.  A few of the brands we carry are New Balance, Brooks, KeenFinn Comfort, Birkenstock, Saucony, and SAS. We can not only fit you with the proper pair of shoes for you, we can also perform a variety of modifications to accommodate any leg length discrepancies or deformities you might have.

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